Bondage Bonfire Bonanza

Bon Ton Rouler from Dublin, Ireland, are a five piece band who formed in 2018. BTR play a mix of heavy rock, psychedelic infused punk, funk with a dab of dub, blues with some gritty socio-political lyric under a wild disregard for decals and pop rigmarole. So far they have released a bunch of singles and plan to continue releasing a new track every month.

This coming Fall Bon Ton Rouler will release an album of music entitled Bondage. The concept of Bondage formed a couple years ago after an infatuation with the Tom Waits 1992 album Bone Machine coupled with a painting entitled The Conspirators (1970 - Patrick Mc Ivor). It is a dark work in which social politics meets music in a world of abstract and contemporary styles. Bondage is imagined here, not in the sexual sense, but rather in the bond between society and the individual and ultimately death.  


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