Bondage Bonfire Bonanza

Bon Ton Rouler from Dublin, Ireland are a five piece band who formed in 2018. BTR play a mix of heavy rock, psychedelic infused punk, funk with a dab of dub, blues with some gritty socio-political lyric under a wild disregard for decals and pop rigmarole. The band are half way through releasing two sister albums back to back entitled "Bondage" and "Bonfire". So Far they have released "Bondage" . They plan to continue with a new single every month over the coming year. On 3rd of August BTR released "Afraid" (the final track from "Bondage". It is an unusual release for the band. It is very experimental with its instrumentation and has a vast tundra of overlapping musical styles. "Afraid" is very much tied to the concept of "Bondage", which formed a couple years ago after an infatuation with the Tom Waits 1992 album Bone Machine coupled with a painting entitled The Conspirators (1970 - Patrick Mc Ivor). "Afraid" is a very dark song, in parts reminiscent of Radioheads more experimental drive in Albums like Kid A. It paints an aural picture of a world of individual pain between an individual and an unknown source, and asks the question is it better to suffer through life in constant fear or is facing death preferable. Bon Ton Rouler are Mick Major, Peter Drinkwater, Cliona Wrynn, Fonsy Saavadra Molina and Donal Maddock. The Band are sorry to inform our Fans that all our planned shows have been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid 19 Emergency.


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