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  1. Demonokay


The sun will have to rise is the west
She hit me with the teeth of a hammer
She hit me like a stone brick
It was like nothing to her
Like I wasn’t even there.
She broke down the Bishops door
Broke his fingers,
Cut off his head
She held it up to the millions,
I thought he was your friend.
They brought out their dancers, she threw them to the walls.
She knew how to train them doll, doll, dolls.
One foot could kill, but thats not all,
She’d come from behind to stun
and swallow you whole.
After she killed all about her
her toll was won.
Children became clones of each other,
a song about a love song about a love song.
As if to say nobody ever held a grip on a bottom lip,
do want some salsa with your chip?
The sun will have to rise in the west
before I get myself blessed